About Me

As a professional illustrator, specialised in the publishing world, I can give life to your ideas, the way you wish.
I’m a dark romance author, dedicated to art projects. ♥

I use to work with publishing houses :
– Boz’Dodor
– Reines-Beaux
– Fantasmagorie
– Something Else Editions

But also with indie authors :

– Romain Mikam, Elisabeth Baumont, Hélène Weber, Larissa Lyons, Brittany Acker,  Vernell Chapmann, Richard Sechi…

I let you discover the world my imagination is living in, with a lot of fantasy, romance and dark atmosfears, where past and future can meet and go forward together betwweend dreams and reality 🙂

And because I’m an author too (Blandine P.Martin) I know how much it is important to respect the desires of the writters and the nature of their stories.

Feel free to contact me to discuss this and to share information about your projects.